Oh! That Irish Crochet

irish crochet necklace 0514

This lovely necklace is what got me started looking for Irish crochet patterns online.  While it’s not a necklace I’d wear (because I have no neck AND I just get toooooo warm to wear anything but the very simplest chain around my neck), I think it’s just stunning.  You can get a better look at this lovely necklace here.

So, I began surfing the ‘net to see what other Irish crochet beauties are out there.  Then, I found a great site that is a resource for Irish crochet online.


cro irish 1 0514

I don’t know what made the Irish develop their delicate, intricate form of crochet, but it is beloved around the world.  And, I just found a page of Irish crochet motifs that I think you’ll want to bookmark to have handy forever!  Other motifs like this pretty one I’ve posted here are available at this site along with free charts to follow to create your own versions.

So, If you’re interested in exploring Irish crochet or getting started on a project, you can do that right away with some thread and hook.  Use this site as a starting point.  Practice your tension and begin joining motifs to create your own lovely Irish crochet projects.  I’d love to see a picture when you do!



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    Gorgeous! I’ve done the “Irish Crochet” when I was years younger… In fact, I’ve done many Crochet challenges in my past. Designed my own table runners, doily’s etc because It was needed at the time. Now, I like the short simple items, hoping to $ell… Hugs!

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