After my walk today, I remembered that my husband needed a can of jalapeno peppers, so I stopped at a tiny Mexican market that was on my way home, Maye’s Market at 15270 Manchester Road in Ballwin, MO.  WOW!  This tiny shop had a nice selection of food, including Coke in the bottle with SUGAR.  But, they also devoted a significant part of their tiny shop to yarn, thread, and hooks!  They carry Imra hooks with which I’m completely unfamiliar and Omega yarn and thread.  They also had some sewing thread and needles.  Didn’t see any pattern books, but the yarn/thread selection was decent – and the prices were very good.

Here are two links for the hooks:

and one thanks to Wheat Carr

I spoke briefly with Lindsay Rasch, the manager.  She was very pleasant and helpful.  I told her I had a blog and was going to write about her little shop.  Maye is her mother but Lindsay runs the shop.  I’m not familiar with a local Hispanic population that would support a shop, but such shops have sprouted up on corners all over the St. Louis Metropolitan area.  I live in an area referred to as West County that is typically cosmopolitan.  I had heard that Mexican markets might have yarn, but I had dismissed that possibility in the markets near me since they are so small.  Wrong, again!  And, happy to discover a source for well priced Omega yarn.  I’m not a huge fan of the nylon thread, but I do like the OmegaCrys.  Maye’s Market had a nice selection of OmegaCrys at $2.99 per skein – a great price.  If I weren’t on a strict yarn diet, I’d have snapped up all of the soft aqua color!

Here’s what the Omega yarn looks like – in a Christmas variegated.  It somes in several weights and is widely available.


Omegacrys  has a lovely hand and comes in a huge selection of yummy colors.  Here’s a close up to show the stitch definition:


So, get yourself to your local Mexican market, if you have one, and report back to us if you find yarn and/or hooks. BTW, I couldn’t find a link to Imra hooks on the net.  The ones I saw today were all steel hooks.  Would love for someone to link us to a website dealing in these hooks so we can learn more about them.


  1. Michelle M. says

    Conrats on your find! Imra hooks are made in Mexico. I happen to have quite a few that I have picked up on various trips. They are wonderful to work with.

  2. Jackie Hamburg says

    I was told that you are looking for dealers to carry your yarns. We have a craft consignment shop and would like more info on this subject. Thank you kindly Jackie Hamburg from Krazie Ladies Krafts, in Brush, Co.

  3. June Ryan says

    I live in Mexico City and I have not found a yarn shop that sells patterns. However, there are many crochet pattern magazines for sale notably in Sanbourns, supermarkets and roadside kiosks. In the main, I have found them to be good value for money

  4. Ilse Dujmovic says

    I am looking for some additional Omega yarn that I bought at the Mega store in San Jose del Cabo. It is the Omega Fiesta Lila C-360. I don’t even care if it is the same dye lot.

  5. Wendy says

    I just discovered the same thing – yarn in shops I would not have otherwise gone into – in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Especially Lili’s gift shop on 18th street.

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