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This evening, I had a few minutes to browse through the magazines at Barnes and Noble.  This is a rare occasion for me!  I saw some crochet magazines I’d heard about but never seen.  Simply Crochet magazine was one I’d never held in my hands.  I had also not seen Inside Crochet in some months.  I used to have an online subscription to it, but had to give it up.  Like many others have stated, I like to hold the magazines (and books) in my hands so electronic versions just don’t do it for me.

cro mildred poncho 0213

But, I wanted to tell you about a couple of goodies I saw.  First, Issue 37 of Inside Crochet has this lovely pattern.  The Mildred Poncho.  The ‘turtle’ neckline would have to go, but the interesting textural stitches that make up the poncho are delicious.  I think I’ll end up buying the magazine just to get this pattern!  The project is featured on www.ravelry.com with a link but I cannot find the pattern on their site.  I’ve sent them an email to clarify.

Another of my favorite magazines, although not crochet-oriented, is Belle Armoire.  If I could wake up in Design Heaven one day, it would look like the items in Belle Armoire.  The Winter, 2012 issue contains an amazing garment they call Gypsy Girl Doily Pants.  I can’t find a picture of it, but you can imagine a pair of pallazzo style pants, mostly sheer, composed of a frothy, ethereal mixture of diaphanous fabric joining numerous lovely doilies – all in white.  Lovely as a dream.

Here are a couple other things you might want to check out on the newsstand.

cro simply cro mag 0213

Simply Crochet magazine.  This issue has a number of cute projects, but the heart shaped and layered lapel pin is one I’ll be making.  You can sorta see it on the cover model’s white blouse.  Nice scrap yarn project and one to which I can add a single interesting button.

Inside Crochet magazine has also published a large magazine called ‘Complete Guide To Crochet’ that sells for $19.99 USD.  Inside Crochet magazine itself is $9.99 USD and is about half the size of the ‘Complete Guide’ publication.

cro complete guide to cro mag 0213

Frankly, I didn’t have enough time to give this one a thorough look.  But, I plan to head back to the book store tomorrow to take a closer look.  If it’s of the quality of Inside Crochet magazine, it’s likely worth the list price.

I’m still waiting to check out the newish crochet magazine that Walmart is offering.  I’m not in Walmart very often but will make a trip to check out the magazine and report back to you.






  1. says

    I’ve stopped subscribing to all but one knit or crochet magazine. All too often there’s nothing I want to make. Instead I hit the book stores 1x a month and buy what I have seen and know I want to duplicate.

  2. Wanda Thompson says

    I like to check out Alibris.com They sell new and used books and often have really good deals. I have always had good luck with even the least expensive ones being in good condition. I cant really afford to get magazines. Lucky for me my local library offers several that I can check out.

  3. says

    I love Inside Crochet! I frequent the bookstore, waiting for it to arrive! :) The Brits do love their crochet, too!

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