I am always interested in patterns that are touted as taking one skein. Tempts me because I have lots of odds and ends (otherwise called orphan) skeins in my stash. However, all skeins are not created equal – as you know. Some contain less than 100 yards of yarn. Others contain well over 200 yards. So, that one skein project could easily turn into a 2 or more skein project, especially if you don’t pay close attention to gauge.

I don’t tend to swatch for scarves. I figure I’ll just make the scarf a bit shorter or longer if my gauge is off. I’ve also been known to arbitrarily change the hook size to one not indicated in a pattern or on a yarn sleeve. Sometimes I’m just lazy – other times I can’t lay my hands on the proper size hook. Either way, I can well end up with a scarf considerably different in size than the one shown.

Isn’t this pink scarf pretty?  It’s called Branching Leaves – and that’s just what it looks like to me.  However, as pretty as it is, it didn’t really attract my attention til I saw the one pictured below.

This pretty number on the sandyshook blog caught my attention since she said it took her one skein of Lustersheen to make it.  Not only do I love Lustersheen and have a bunch in my stash, I believe it would make a perfect scarf for Spring.  The easy care fiber in Lustersheen is cost effective and works up easily on my hooks.  Perfection!

To help you along, there’s a great schematic available here .  Hope you like it!


  1. Linda Wernette says

    I am really impressed with your beautiful work and talent. I wished you lived next door to me! Linda W in Flint, Mi.

  2. says

    I have tried and tried and tried this chart – I don’t get it – sorry to say and have posted all over Crafster and other places and no answers. Someone told me to repeat rows 3, 4 and 5 – but do you do the whole chart first or after 3 , 4 and 5 are done the first time, repeat them only till you ar ready to finish and then finish up the rest? I wish so much when people right out charts they say something ofr those of us that have some trouble with charts :(

  3. says

    Take a look at this:

    the close up picture may help you a bit more. It looks to me like the repeat starts at row 4 so you have to work the pattern as unique rows til you get to row 4 then you can begin to repeat the rows in order. You won’t repeat any row more than once in each ‘motif’. For more help than this, I’ll have to get out my hook and yarn and work the pattern again myself. Can’t do that immediately. Maybe someone else has better advice.

  4. Beatriz Medina says

    Hi Deborah. If you want to be strict, make the whole chart then repeat rows 3 to 8 until you get the desired length. Note: at the 8th row, the chart lacks a chain before and a chain after the central dc.

  5. says

    Thanks JD for the extra help – I’ll see what I can do. Also thanks Debbie – I goofed is what I am seeing now. I did the who chart once and then tried to match up row 3, 4 and 5 and it wouldn’t match up. I think if I stop at five it will make sense! Thanks so much all of you! I really want to make this scarf! JD you are a love for asking the group!

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