Organized And Colorful Crochet

Carmen Rosemann is one creative and well organized crocheter!  Her work is elegant in its simplicity yet appealing, enticing me to want to pull out hooks and yarn immdiately to work up some of her lovely designs.  Don’t be put off by the German titles if you don’t read German (I don’t) as Carmen presents every article in English too, including all of her patterns.

First, I bet I’m not the only person out there who has created motifs, blocks, and even swatches that we liked and held onto but never got around to using in a larger project.  Carmen has a simple and extremely clever idea for handling these oddments.

These sheets, originally created to store things from baseball cards to photographs, work very nicely to help us organize our little odds and ends of crochet.  Read more about this project here.


Here’s another really simple idea that reminds me of ‘yarn bombing’ that has been in the headlines recently. The best part about it is that you use this idea on any magazine rack you have in the basement or that you can find at a thrift store for a few bucks.  What other items in your home have handles that you can embellish this way?  Purse handles, log carriers, suit cases……  Read more about what Carmen has to say about it here.

How cute – and simple – is this idea?  Take a Pringles can or one of those single ‘sleeve’ cookie tins and use Carmen’s idea to make a useful hook holder.  You can get all the directions here.

Grab your partial skeins and make one for all your crochet friends!

Here’s another sample of Carmen’s colorful work – this time Starfish.

You’ll undoubtedly remember her wonderful display of color wheels that I have featured before.  If these don’t entice you to pop some colorful yarn on your hook, I don’t know what will!  This is a sample of her color wheel work.  You can read more about all her color wheels in articles on her blog.  Start here .  I bet you can figure out a way to work these up in splendid seasonal colors to fill baskets for centerpieces or to use as coasters or whatever.  Inspiring!

I look forward to seeing more of Carmen’s work as she develops more designs and shows us ways, both decorative and practical, to use crochet in our lives.



  1. Deb H. says

    I use those same baseball card holders to store my embroidery floss in color order. I have four notebooks of floss. It is the best method I have found.

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