http://www.orble.com/free-lastminute-christmas-coaster-crochet-pattern/ (There’s a free pattern for this at the linked site.) NOTE – THIS LINK DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY – BUT WILL IF YOU CUT AND PASTE IT INTO YOUR BROWSER’S ADDRESS BAR.  SORRY!

I ran across this pattern and it got me to thinking how many different items I’ve crocheted in the last few days before Christmas or another gifting event.  Here are some ideas for you – things that I have made, although I don’t still have pictures of them.  Most of these were made in my pre-blog days and I never thought to take any pictures.  Wish I had.  Hope this helps you get everything done in the nick of time.

Get out your biggest hook and some bulky yarn and work up a scarf in about an hour.  Last Christmas eve, I realized I needed a gift for one friend who would be joining us for Christmas morning brunch.  I grabbed two strands of an offwhite wool blend (from a thrift store) that had a pretty metallic gold thread running through it and one of my huge wood Jenkins hooks and worked up a pretty scarf in less than 90 minutes – and I’m a slow crocheter!  It really did turn out pretty and the recipient loved it.  If you don’t have bulky yarn on hand, mix strands of several different weights to make something in a pretty colorway.  Not only will it be unique, it’ll work up so quickly that you can make more than one if you absolutely must.  Take a strand of worsted weight black, throw in a strand of gray and one of white for a man or woman.  For something more feminine, mix the black or gray with a pastel baby weight yarn or a bit of something glitzy.  This is the perfect time to use up those odds and ends of eyelash or feather yarn you might still have around.  You’ll crochet a festive scarf in no time flat.

For a teen or tween – or even an older fan – crochet a quick Harry Potter Bookmark.  There are several free patterns for different ones.  Here’s a freebie that would work up in minutes.  In fact, you could even make the entire set!


Other free bookmark patterns abound online.  Check out www.crochetpatterncentral.com for a whole library of them.  There’s sure to be one to suit your needs.

Another great idea that is useful, attractive, and works up very quickly is the good, old Magic Potholder.  You could make it in holiday colors, match someone’s decor, or just use up yarn scraps you have on hand.  I prefer cotton for potholders, but opinions vary.  This is my favorite site for guiding me through this pattern.  If you’ve never tried one of these, it truly is ‘magic’ as your one dimension piece suddenly turns into a double thick potholder.


Other last minute quickie ideas are:

Cotton or cotton blend yarn or acrylic yarn scraps work great for a washcloth and scrap soap holder – I like this pattern:


Buy a nice paperback or even a magazine suited to the recipient and tuck in a themed bookmark.

Use the soap scrap holder above to hold a gift card.  One size fits all!

If all else fails, put your UFO, WIP, or even some yarn and a copy of the intended pattern into a pretty basket or bag and give that!  The recipient will have one more gift to look forward to!


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    What a great post!

    I love that soap sack. I’m glad you drew my attention to it so that I can crochet some…fast!!!

    Merry Christmas!!

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