Painted Crochet Inspiration

cro painted flower 0314

Have you seen this remarkably easy way to ‘paint’ your crochet?  It’s so easy that you’ll look like a true watercolor artist when you’re done.  I have fallen in love with the look and I can think of numerous ways to use it in my own work.

The first thought that came to mine upon seeing this technique was to try it out on those dollar store doilies to refine my artistry.  I won’t have wasted much if my project doesn’t turn out perfectly the first time.

Another way to take advantage of this method of painting crochet is to hide stains.  That would work nicely on any piece of crochet you own, including a sweater or a bedspread.  Be sure to check for colorfastness if using on a project that is not purely decorative.

You can get all the details on how to create this lovely watercolor effect on your crochet with instructions from Lisa Jelle right here.

cro painted trim 0314

Here’s another way to paint a crochet piece using readily available materials.  This would be perfect when you are trying to match trim to a garment or add a unique edging to any crochet project.  You can also use this technique to create a ‘crochet print’, sort of the negative image of the item being painted.  Also very attractive and a great way to make note cards for crochet lovers.

cro painted bowl 0314

Then I found this bowl on ebay.  There are no specific instructions but it is noted that the crochet painting is accomplished with acrylic paints.  Acrylic paints behave in a totally different manner than the water based paints used on the other pieces shown here.  Blending is more difficult – maybe impossible on crochet thread.  So, the look is far less subtle but attractive nonetheless.  Depends on your taste and how you want to use the piece.

This might be a fun way to make some pretty crochet pieces using Easter egg dyes which will be dirt cheap the day after Easter.  They are water based and easy to apply with an inexpensive brush or a Qtip type swab.  I could see myself having lots of fun with these ideas!  How about you?


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    I am so glad I didn’t throw awy an old doily that has a stain on it. I plan to try one or two of these methods to hide the stain within some color.


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