Pincushions To Crochet (and Knit)

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If you like to (or must) sew and you also crochet, you’ll be pleased with the scrumptious pincushions in this collection by Cat Thomas.  Many of them are like tiny works of art and would brighten a desk, table, or shelf evAnden without the needles they are intended to hold.  And, for a huge change, there are far more crocheted pincushions than knitted ones!!  Thirty two out of fifty to be exact!

Thomas uses crochet stitches and embroidery to create dimension in her designs.  Many of them are so playful that they would tempt a youngster.  Pincushion doing double duty as a little stuffed animal is a distinct possibility.  There’s a little cat face, a bumble bee, and a lady bug for animal lovers.  Fruit shapes, floral shapes, geometrics, and Victoriana are all represented.  There’s truly a pincushion for any taste.

Each project is accompanied with good directions, a great photograph, and a nice large chart.  You’ll have no difficulty recreating these attractive designs!

Book Specs:

50 Pincushions to Knit & Crochet by Cat Thomas

Published by St. Martin’s Griffin, February, 2014

128 page soft cover

ISBN 9781250042736

List Price $21.99 USD


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    ~ However, I am captivated by the book too. I am sure that I can get it thru my Local BookSeller, now that I am in good standing with them! Thank YOU again

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