Wouldn’t these Snowflake Squares make a snuggly Christmas gift?  I actually like it that they are not pictured in Christmas colors.  I think that having other colors presented opens our minds to other possibilities.  Like, why not make this in blue, black, or yellow for a special gift for a winter birthday?  Most people who have their birthdays in November or December hate receiving Christmas-y things.  They much prefer something that just says ‘birthday’ rather than grouping their special day with a major holiday.

The website the Snowflake Squares came from has plenty of free patterns as well as scrumptious patterns for sale.  Remember, you often get what you pay for.  Sometimes it’s well worth the few dollars one must pay for a fantastic pattern, well written, that one will make again and again.  Maybe you’ll find one among those on this site.

Make these wineglass flipflops designed by Drew Emborsky.  Change the color of the yarn to suit the holiday or season.  Make the bottoms all the same but make the ‘thong’ a different color on each one so that each guest can identify his/her glass.

Have a horse or unicorn lover?  Make this filet goodie for that very special person, omitting the few stitches that differentiate the unicorn from the horse.

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