There always seem to be crocheters complaining about the lack of patterns in particular sizes, especially larger sizes for women. Most patterns, especially those in current magazines, are pictured on slim models. The pattern instructions always include wording like ‘Pattern is for size small. Medium and Large sizes are in parentheses.’ What about those who are 1X or larger? What about those who are petite? What about women who are tall AND thin? Most patterns require quite a bit of adjusting to produce a garment that fits properly unless you’re a size 4. When I look around, I don’t see that many adult women who are size 4.

Sooooo. I’m interested to learn what might be the most popular or common size of sweater pattern that adult women would prefer to see. Help me out here. Please send in your responses to the categories below. I’ll tally them and report back in about two weeks. That should give time enough for everyone who wants to cast his/her vote. Posting can be anonymous if you send me a private email (jdwln@sbcglobal.net). Otherwise, just post your size preference – only ONE vote each, please – in the comment boxes below.



SIZES FOR POLL: (Okay, these are MY groupings not necessarily the designers. Please vote for SIZE AND HEIGHT GROUPINGS.)


MEDIUM – 12-14

LARGE – 16-18

XL – 20-22

XXL – 24-26

XXXL – 28-32


REGULAR – 5’3″ – 5’6″

TALL – 5’6″ – 5’10”

XTALL – 5’11” – 6’1″



  1. Diane Morlan says

    I am an XXL Petite. Designers seem to think you can’T be chubby and short. They probably don’t think you can be chubby and tall. In fact, most designers just ignor chubby all together.

  2. Tina says

    I would like 2x to 3x (depending on the item) as well as for 6ft 1 in. I am not built like usual large women. Thanks

  3. Veronica Smith says

    I have had need to alter patterns for “out of pattern range” folk.
    Men’s and women’s need to come in sizes up to about 150cm (60 inch) FINISHED SIZE and not “daggy” designs. I am appalled that they are not made. Some people carry extra weight, it is discrimination. What about body builders? Have you seen some of those (particularly men) Taller people aren’t catered for either. I have a 6’8″ male grid iron player brother – find one for him!

  4. says

    I wish to vote for the size small – 6 to 10. I wear a small and like to see how a pattern will look if I make it.

  5. Barbara Stuart says

    I would just like to see the patterns state the pattern repeat information. If I know that the pattern is x number of chains, plus 2, then I can make the item any size I need. I make clothing items for youngsters and adults from small to XXX or 4XL. I don’t expect a designer to provide the instructions for every size, but if I have a clue how to adjust it, I’ll happily do that myself.

  6. says

    I’m finding more patterns in the plus sizes, but they are still modeled by bulimic little girls. Hard to imagine what they will look like on a real person with hips and boobs.

  7. Carol Johns says

    I would like to see patterns for tall persons, I am thin 126 lbs, and 5’10” tall, and hard to find clothes to fit.

  8. says

    Ideally, I’d like to see more than one size because it makes the design more interesting to me as a designer. At the crochet conferences some of us get together and try on each other’s designs and learn LOTS about the design itself this way. For example three different size Large people could all wear your design differently because one has wide bony shoulders, another is short and rounded, another needs a very different color or texture for it to look good at all on her. Not only that but it’s amazing how differently people stand and move, so if you design something with a lot of drape, it will also look very different from person to person.

    A lot of the time, one size really does fit many when designers try on each other’s designs, because crochet stretches (despite what knitters say). But one size can look like many different sizes. At the very least maybe publishers could show the same garment on more than one model? And include the comments we ourselves make to each other, like, “This fits me well except that I’d make the upper arms roomier.” Or, “I’d need more bust shaping so the front doesn’t hike up on me.”

    However if I have to pick ONE size, I guess I’d pick my own size and height so that I can wear the design after it’s published :-) So I’d vote for Medium, average height.

  9. DeeDee says

    These are the sizes I would be interested in. There are lots of cute things inthe smaller sizes, it would be fun to make something cute in my size.


    LARGE – 16-18

    XL – 20-22

    TALL – 5′6″ – 5′10″

    XTALL – 5′11″ – 6′1″

    TALLER THAN 6′1″

  10. Essie says

    I would like more patterns in size XL and up. Also agree with the other ladies, would love to see the patterns on a “real” person with hips, butt, boobs and not some skinny “walking toothpick” whose shulder blades stick out farther than her boobs do.

  11. Wilma Keith says

    I would like to see up to 2x in petite. I am long in torso but short legged. Even most petites are too long in the legs.(skirt length)

  12. says

    I am 5’5″ and a size XL
    My adopted DDIL is 5’3″ and wears a size 1 (adult!!)
    Also I wish they would have more raglan-style sweaters, both cardigans & pullovers, for us who have large upper arms.

  13. dj says

    large and xl would be very helpful and i totally agree with the others about seeing real-size models. what a boon that would be!

  14. Joycie says

    I would like to see a variety of sizes. Many patterns do not have XL or larger. Since I am also tall, I would like to see modifications that could be added to make the body of a sweater and/or sleeves longer – or shorter as I know there are a plenthora of petite women out there.

  15. Chris says

    I would like to see more patterns in XXL & XXXL, depending on style. Some things I like to fit closer to the body and some things I like loose.

  16. Debbie says

    2xl and Tall! i’m not sure of my size in american terms but i know my height. i follow only american patterns as thats what i started on pattern wise and learnt from american instructions


  17. Caprice Savage says

    I’m a very petite woman and I’d like to see sizes 1 to 3 more often. I’m 5′ 3″ and 96 pounds. It seems to me like they forget that there are women that are small.

  18. Pauline Williams-Greasley says

    I’m fine with small, medium and large sizes …. I know how to make adjustments, so it doesn’t bother me if the size I need is not listed!

  19. Nancy says

    1X to 5X would be great for those of us who have been relagated to the tents and tunics for years. It’s time for us to be fashionable!!!!! More patterns in larger sizes would be a welcome change.

    thanks for the poll.

  20. Emma says

    I would like to see sizes xl & xxl and tall 5’6-5’10 and extra tall 5’11 to 6’1. My daughter is extra tall and I just tall. It would be nice to have a pattern that I didn’t have to fiddle to get it to fit either of us.

  21. says

    i wouldn’t like tight sweaters and the people i would crochet for would be from a large to 4xl…..looks like the yarn companies would love us…..lol….more yarn to sell….
    ej in az

  22. Sandy Shaw says

    I like to see large, regular for myself, but I also like to see items in sizes that pertain to other people I crochet for, such as my daughters (med., regular) and/or my grandson (who will be 3 soon).

  23. Lee Ann Beausejour says

    I like sizes that range from a small 1x-usually size 18 with variations given to large 3x -size 30. Since you want only 1 size I would have to say size 3x. It is easier to downsize a pattern than upsize-expecially when yarn amounts have to be calculated-knowing how much of a certain yarn and buying the same dye lot-it is easier to return (or add to stash) than it is to get more for the sleeve or collar.

  24. Karen Wicks says

    I know I am out of the ordinary but I want to see more extra smalls or, even better, patterns that are easily convertible for people who aren’t “average” (not only am I short and skinny but I am also flat chested, I always end up with too much fabric where I am apparently supposed to have boobs).

  25. Barbara Nicoll says

    I think patterns should be made for all sizes, after all, knitters and crocheters come in all sizes.

    For me personally, I need a 2X for a 5’4 apple frame. The “average” woman’s size is a 14. If she is well endowed, her bust may not be that of a regular 14, so it just makes sense to make patters in all sizes!

    Think of the thousands and thousands of added revenue for the pattern makers, book companies and yarn companies that they are losing out on now because they don’t accommodate the appropriate consumer. It’s a no-brainer folks!

  26. says

    2 XL and larger (although many patterns I’ve seen are XS, S, and MED…the average woman now is a size 16 they say…so where are the LARGE and bigger patterns????


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