Pop’s New Look


Do you know a guy who typically wears bow ties?  Christopher Kimball from Cook’s Illustrated.  The late Senator Paul Simon from Illinois.  Any guy in a tux…… No one in my life wears a bow tie, but I really do like the look.  You might like the look too.  If you do, you can crochet one for your Pop or your husband, brother, boyfriend.


Louie’s whimsical crochet patterns usually fall into the costume category.  But this one is a pattern that a guy would really wear – if he’ll wear a bow tie.  I know this is an acquired taste, but it can’t hurt to give it a try.  So, use Louie’s free pattern and make one for the guy you’d most like to see wear it!

PS- This could be a great new look for just the right woman, worked in a pretty pastel or a glitzy yarn.


  1. Alexis says

    Omg! Thank you for posting this. My HUSBAND, who isn’t even 40 yet, wears bow ties. All. The. Time. I was wondering just last week if I could crochet or knit him one.

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