My oldest grand-nephew was a preemie.  Before we knew about that, of course, I had begun to crochet a babyghan for the baby.  His mom was quite ill during her entire pregnancy and spent most of it in the hospital.  When Nicholas was born (10 years ago in February!), he weighed just under three pounds.  But, despite it all, there was nothing wrong with him!  He quickly gained weight, suffered no setbacks, and went home with mom and dad about three weeks after his birth.  We were all so fortunate.

I’ve never really known another preemie ‘personally’.  Of course, we are all aware that there are so many preemies now, especially with so many multiples.  Many people ask for preemie patterns and measurements are sometimes difficult to determine since birth weights vary so widely.  But, when I ran across this pattern, I just had to share it!

While this is for a girl, the same dimensions and patterns, minus the floral embellishments, would work fine for a little boy.  Any mom or dad would be so proud to have their child decked out in such garments made with love in every stitch.

The free pattern for this set is available here.  These would make great charity projects and would be a fantastic way to use up those partial skeins.  What embellishments should we put on the cap for a boy?  How about some stars found here or a car found here .  What do you think??


  1. Emmy says

    What a cute set!!

    Most hospital NICUs will gladly accept donations of hats and such for the babies!! The best way to keep a baby warm is with a hat! So even if you don’t personally know a preemie you can still stitch this up and donate it to a baby in need!!!

  2. says

    I was a premie and im 45 years old back when i was born there were no premie clothes. so i wore doll clothes. its nice to see that there are patterns for premie clothes my daughters were all small and new born and 0-3 months didnt fit so well. the dainty daisy pattern is adorable. im making one for my youngest grandaughter who is a month pold and very tiny built. thank you for the pattern

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