Have you been in a Pier One Store lately?  I haven’t been in one in years despite the fact that I always see interesting things there.  And, like Tristan whose tutorial I’m featuring in this article, I often come away with ideas of things I want to create on my own.  In this case, Tristan saw a pillow they call a rose but which reminds me greatly of an artichoke or a blooming onion, and she decided to recreate it on her own.  In so doing, she created this fab tutorial so that each of us can work up a pillow with a lot less difficulty than if we had to figure it out on our own.

Rose Pillow

I actually like Tristan’s version of the pillow better than the original.  What do you think?


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    Adorable! I had to look up the original to compare, and it’s true: Tristan’s is cuter. The other option would be to take her pattern and alter it for felting. Love it!

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