Procrastinate No More – Or Weave Me Up Scotty

Sarah London’s blog is always full of good information.  This tutorial is especially helpful.

Not much is more daunting in the crochet world than facing the backside of an almost completed crochet piece made of many different colors of yarn.  All those ends to weave in!!!  I have never heard anyone say, “I can’t wait to get to weave in the tails!”  Have you?

I find there is a certain Zen in weaving in tails.  If I’m lucky, I have enough time near the end of a project to wait for the perfect evening when I’m willing to devote an hour or more to weaving in those ends.  I grab my metal yarn needle, my snippy shears, and my project and go at it.  I get in the ‘zone’.  Really!  Then, when I’m done, I have such a sense of fulfillment!

So, take advantage of Sarah’s detailed tutorial and get a technique that works really well for you.  Then, you won’t dread weaving in those ends so much.


  1. Michelle says

    I actually weave my ends as I’m crocheting, I just think it works better for me.

  2. Sd says

    I also crochet over the tails whenever I can. I also have a small hook to grab & pull thru being that my “tails” aren’t long enough for a needle. Thanks, Sheri

  3. Janet says

    I have done both. weave as I go and after the project is finished. I like both ways and it gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride when my project is finished.

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