Put Some Ripple In Your Crochet

I was very drawn to this beautiful Fans and Pansies Ripple Afghan when I saw it recently.  I have stayed away from ripples for the most part.  They are boring and I just won’t make one in all single crochets.  The exception for me is a round ripple which I really do enjoy making, usually in variegated lighter weight yarns for baby afghans.  This one looks like it might be more interesting to crochet than most I’ve seen.  I could memorize the pattern pretty quickly but there is enough stitch variation to keep things interesting.

I clicked on the link to this pattern and found, well, a little goldmine of ripple afghan patterns!

Like round ripples like I do?  Here’s one for you.


Eyelet Ripple

Or, maybe you prefer another variation on the standard ripple.  Try this one.

So, you get the idea.  There are designs other than ripples here and if you’re a knitter, there are some knit designs too.  This site is definitely worth a visit!


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