QUICK REVIEW – The Essential Book of Crochet Techniques

essential book of cro techniques 0909There are several books in print which cover many of the techniques demonstrated in this book, published in 2006.  It’s a handy size hardback with my favorite spiral binding.  Why aren’t all books made like this?

Included are 127 pages in this book covering everything from listings of standard abbreviations, increases, decreases, buttonholes, stitches, turning chains, and a couple pages on blocking.  In short, there’s about everything you ever needed to know about crochet but might not have thought to ask (yet).

This would be a great purchase for a beginner and a helpful addition to many crochet libraries.  The smaller size (6.5X9.25 inches) assures that it’ll fit easily into a project bag for quick reference ‘on the go’.

This may not be The Definitive reference book, but it’s a good one.

It’s available used online, originally listing for $24.95.  Author is Nancie M. Wiseman, Martingale Press, ISBN 1564776298.

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