I honestly do not know where this dimension chart originated. If it’s YOURS, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due! It is not my original work, but I’ll take a chance and share it with all of you because it was simply emailed to me some time ago. At any rate, it’s been helpful to me. You can use any stitch pattern you like to create your rectangles. Same for hooks size, yarn size and fiber type. Why not? Be creative and make one that is unique to you!

Poncho Rectangle Dimensions Chart
> Adult Small 24.5 x 17
> Adult Small 27 x 14
> Adult Small 21 x 10.5
> Adult Medium 28 x 16
> Adult Medium 28 x 14
> Adult Large 32 x 18
> Adult Large 33 x 16.5
> Adult Extra Large 32 x 20
> Adult One size 29 x 13.5
> Adult One size 27 x 19
> Adult One size 34 x 18
> Adult One size 32 x 20
> Adult One size 30 x 15
> Adult One size 28 x 15
> Adult One size “ponchette” 28 x 13
> Child X small (infant or doll) 16 x 8
> Child 2 17 x 12.5
> Child 2 20 x 8
> Child 3/4 22 x 11
> Child 4 22 x 10
> Child 4 19 x 14
> Child 6 24 x 12
> Child 6 21 x 15.5
> Child 6/7 25 x 13
> Child 8 23 x 17
> Child 8/10 26 x 14
> Child 10 27 x 20
> Child 12 31.5 x 23.5
> Child Large 24.5 x 17
> Child Large 27 x 14
> Child One size 17.75 x 8.5

Also, here’s a schematic I found at Google Images:

This should give you an idea of how to assemble the two rectangles to create your poncho. I have to look at the schematics EVERY TIME!! No kidding! I guess I’m a slow learner. But, I find this helpful. Ignore everything except the two rectangles and how they are sewn together. The other stuff on the diagram is to do something else. I know now what. I do know that following this simple schematic for two rectangles will result in a poncho!

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  1. says

    the patterns shown on this blog are not for sale on this blog. you’ll have to find the source of the pattern by following any link(s) in the blog article and inquire at the source for a copy of the pattern.

  2. Kathleen says

    JD, this looks like the list I created from surfing the web and finding different poncho dimensions years ago. I made a word document and posted it to Crochet Partners a few times over the years. I doubt I still have the original document – it was several computers ago! Anyway, I think this is my list, but I’m happy to have it out there so no worries!
    Kathleen in Hawai’i (though the list was created before I moved here!)

  3. Edna Barrett says

    I like your chart very much but how wide a
    are the rectangles, or am I reading the
    chart wrong? I made one from another site
    but it turned out too big for a two year old

    I appreciate you taking your time to answer



  4. says

    The best way to assure proper fit is to measure the person from neck to elbow or wrist – depending on how long you want the shawl to be – and make that the longest dimension of your rectangle. These are two rectangles the same size that you sew together, so you can easily adjust the dimensions.

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