I am a person who truly appreciates the artistry of others.  I’ve visited a good number of art galleries around the world.  I’ve studied Art History and created my own works of art in a variety of media.  I have quilted by hand and sewing machine, beaded, painted, worked in ceramics and with weaving.  For about the past 10 years, most of my creative endeavors have been with yarn – specifically with crochet.  Every now and then, I run across an artist who redefines an art form for me.  I know little about this artist but I want to share the work with you.  So, here are some pieces.

Apparently, YooLa is focused on the pomegranate – a fruit of lovely color and shape (and flavor).  These wire crocheted pomegranates really grab my attention:

Here is a pomegranate pattern that is a bit more whimsical:

In addition, there are these tiny pomegranate earrings?

Who wouldn’t enjoy wearing these beauties.  YooLa has many other items for sale on Etsy.  There is a wonderful Pomegranate cap and a luscious pomegranate wrap.  And more!

You can find these and other gems at this site:

and you can learn more about YooLa at this site:

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