RIBBON AFGHAN with tutorial

For those who are a bit timid about gauge and especially for those who are confounded by patterns that start with wordage like “a multiple of 4 st + 2 (add 1 for foundation chain)”, the pattern and tutorial at the blog of the Gingerbread Lady (how aptly named for this season!) might be very helpful.


This afghan can be made in any color scheme.  In addition, the stitch pattern and information on the site lend themselves for use in making a scarf, a rectangular shawl, or even for a poncho that’s made from two rectangles.  The tutorial is very helpful.  So grab some orphan skeins and a hook and experiment with the pattern and information on this site.  I plan to make a scarf using this pattern very soon!

Further, the information from the tutorial will be quite helpful for those learning to read patterns or crocheters who want to write a pattern of their own.  I love it when knowledgeable crocheters are not only willing to share their wisdom and skill, but even better when they break it down into ‘bite sized’ pieces that are extremely helpful for beginners but valuable to the more skilled crocheters too.  I plan to explore and follow this blog to see what else I can learn.

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