Rock Hopper??

Rockhopper PenguinIsn’t this guy adorable?  He’s called a Rockhopper Penguin by his designer.  Dig those eyebrows!

When my now 28 year old son was a wee lad, he loved penguins.  I didn’t crochet in those days.  I found a cute little stuffed animal, brand new, at a thrift store.  Around his neck was a jaunty yellow scarf with the word Swanson on it.  Seems that this particular penguin had been an advertising giveaway for Swanson frozen foods.  Since my son could not yet read, I named the penguin, rather creatively, Swanson.  And, Swanson still resides on the top bunk of my son’s old bed – one of the many collectibles I need to bag up and pass on to my son, now in his own (teeny) house.

Had my son expressed such an interest in penguins today (now he’s a rubber duckie kinda’ guy), I’d definitely crochet this one for him.  I don’t think he’d be able to escape the name Swanson, though.  So, Swanson the Rockhopper Penguin would make a great snuggly for your little boy or girl.  Get the free pattern here. And, while you’re on Helen’s blog, click on her ‘pattern archive’ and see her other cute animals, including the duck. 😉


  1. j@loveland says

    I love this ,It is so cute and has a great expression on it. Made me laugh .Thank you!

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