Ruffle One Up For Me!

The hottest new thing in yarns are the so-called ‘ruffle yarns’. All the companies are making them. I’ve recently purchased one skein to play with myself. It’s really hard for me to resist experimenting with something new.  I’ve yet to play with it much.  But, Ros of RosMadeMe has been doing more than playing.  She’s designed this pretty bag using CanCan yarn and has kindly created a nice tutorial for us to follow.

Ros' Can Can Bag

There are plenty of examples of this type of yarn.  Most give only knitting instructions for its use.  But, you can crochet with it!  Take a good look at Ros’ tutorial for tips on crocheting with this yarn.  The St. Louis Crochet Club had a chance to play with some demo skeins of this stuff after the Yarn Market this past Summer.  The shop owner is mostly a knitter and wasn’t sure that it would work for crochet.  But, we all passed it around and had a try at it.  It became apparent that the more experienced among us could figure out how to crochet with it!  So, take heart.  Even if the yarn sleeve gives no crochet information, you can successfully use it for crochet.

Bernat Twist and Twirl Close Up

If you have not had the opportunity to get your hands on a skein of this type yarn, here’s a close up for you.  It’s hard to tell, but you’ll be able to spread out the knitted tube of yarn to see where you would put your hook into it.  On the skein, you’ll have no idea that the yarn will spread out like it does.  It takes one skein to make a scarf that’s about two feet long!

I’ve only seen scarves made with this yarn so far.  So, I’m happy to see Ros’ purse pattern.


These are the ones that I’ve actually had my hands on.  I’m sure there are others out there.

Red Heart Sashay


Katia Flounce




  1. Laura says

    I have made up 4 of the ruffle scarves with this yarn. Paton’s has it with either sequins or a sparkly thread. I bought one skein at a Yarn store in Newport News,Va. And it’s more of just a mesh. But is turning out great.
    I would love to see more patterns wtih his yarn.

  2. anne says

    ruffle yarns are lovely but I need instructions on how to crochet it. i don’t know how to knit.
    Thanks everyone

    ANNE – the method I use is slip stitch. Even if you are not a knitter, you can knit this stuff since it takes only one stitch at a time to join it. But, it’s pretty easy to crochet. Gather a bit of it and stick your hook into the top of the yarn about an inch from the edge. Pull through a slip stitch. Then continue on that way. It’s slow going, but it works.

  3. says

    Can someone please give me instructions on how to crochet with the Twist & Twirl. It will make a nice braided scarf like using the Sashay; but I still would like to know how to crochet a scarf using this.

  4. Catherine Reasoner says

    I bought Twist & Twirl yarn by Bernat and have no idea how to use it. I knit and crochet, but neither one makes sense to me. Please help.

  5. says

    I just ran across this tutorial which might work better than crochet or knit for you. If you’re not familiar with the Crochet Crowd, they’ve always got something new and interesting going on there.



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