Rustic Modern Crochet

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I had the opportunity to take my preview copy of this book to my local crochet club to show it off.  There was a huge tug-of-war over the book based solely on the cover photo.  Then, as each member got her hands on the book for herself, there were even more oohs and aaahs.  The titles says ‘rustic’ because the inspiration is nature – but the designs are deliciously sophisticated.

This is simply a stunning book full of stunning designs!  My favorites are actually not on the cover.  I am impressed with how author Yumiko Alexander uses really simple stitches and techniques to create textured, plush, elegant designs.  The extremely plush Lacy Shoals scarf is created by merely layering simple mesh pieces.  Color is key to the success of this particular design.

The Bridges topper is a very simple pairing of two oversized squares, creating an airy, individualistic garment perfect for Spring or Fall.  Seaflower is a shawl that’s all about the edging.  It’s aptly named and will be a big hit.  Sand Dollar is a sort of infinity shawl with a very special treatment at the twist.  Sea Urchin is a stylish cap that starts with a simple central motif at its crown, giving it an unusual but wearable shape.

Oh, there’s so much more!  There are 18 designs in this book and each is beautifully photographed, accompanied by a clear pattern and an easy-to-read chart.  Each specific yarn choice is named as well as its weight, making substitution easy and sure.
You’ll want to add this book to your crochet library.

Book Specs:

Rustic Modern Crochet by Yumiko Alexander

Interweave Press, 2013

Softback, 112 pages, many color photos and clear graphics

ISBN 9781596687363

$22.99 USD


  1. GJ Amber says

    After reading your review, I purchased this book. Even if I do not make some of the items, they have stitch patterns I want to try. Most are unique designs. Love the way the author makes you feel that she is really there talking to you. I did go to the website for the corrections. I am wondering what the crocheting on the sleeve of the sweater underneath the cover shawl is. Is it crochet on the sweater or a crocheted cuff bracelet? Love the look of it.

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