I love sampling new stitch patterns, but I want ‘instant’ gratification.  One way to attain that is to use the new stitch or motif to create a scarf.  That way, I’m not tied into a huge project like an afghan with a stitch pattern that becomes tedious.  I’ve been wanting to try a double-sided fabric that is not tunisian.  Voila!


This pattern by Tracy St. John was inspired by a knit version of the brioche which works up to a dense, cushiony fabric.  Along with the free pattern is a brief but especially helpful tutorial.  Success is all but guaranteed!  My kind of project.

I’m looking forward to trying this pattern with one strand of self striping yarn and one strand of solid colored yarn.  What do you think?  I’ve got a bunch of sock yarns on hand with fabric content and care instructions that make them well suited for scarves/cowls like this one.  We’ll see what develops…..


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