Scared Stiff?

Who’s started crocheting for Halloween 2012?  If you haven’t already begun, you’d better get busy soon.  With less than two months before Halloween, you’ll need a head start.  So, here are a few easy crochet ideas for you.

Who doesn’t need a Witch Hat to top off her look?  This one is adorable – if anything witchy can be called adorable!  Jenn’s got the pattern for you here.

Every kid (and lots of adults!!) need a goodie bag for their Halloween swag.  Skulls are all the rage now.  Red Heart has this free pattern for you.

Red Heart has 12 free Halloween patterns that are pretty cute.  You can get to them here.

And, all the way around the world from my home, Pradeepa has created Halloween decor that will peak your interest.  She uses free patterns from LionBrand but the finished project is all hers to celebrate a holiday that is pretty much unknown in India.  It’s amazing what can be done with some yarn and twigs!

I’d love for readers to share links or pattern sources for their favorite Halloween crochet.  Just post them in the Comment Section below.


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