Scarf Crazy


This is the one that got the whole thing started.  And, it’s all Patty’s fault.  She sent me a link to the pattern.

It’s not like I haven’t crocheted – and even designed – a keyhole scarf before.  I have!  I’ve made several scarves for my mom whose neck is always cold.  I’ve made them for all my friends.  I’ve even made some for myself.  But for some reason, I’m in a scarf making mood – and it hasn’t stopped!  So, after I made the green one, I made the next one.

And, then I made one like this:

And, then I made one with this pattern:



And, now I’m working on this cute ‘scarfie’.

My goal is to make enough scarves for myself that I have a fresh one to wear each day of the week when I go for my walks in Winter.  It gets plenty cold in these parts and I walk outside every day unless it’s icy.  Once I get enough made for myself, if I’m still scarf crazy (count on it!!), I’ll make some for gifts.

You, too, can get these free patterns and plenty more at the blog of CraftyBegonia .  Just keep scrolling down til you see all the great, easy patterns she’s got there for us.  They’re not all scarves either.  Had to give her a shout out for offering all these examples of almost instant gratification!


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    First of all, I got thru to the link. 2nd, I came back to look at Id’s scarves again &realised I accidently, deleted her link to these from my Email! Uggggh! So, I will “share page” w/ myself! I’m thinking of trying my hand at some of these. I like the looks! Edgings are pretty! Thanks! Hope this “Submits”, Sheri *c* Hugs

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    Hi, this is Craftybegonia, I love it that you like my designs. You can find a scarf on my blog for every day of the week, and almost, for every color you might want to wear, lol, have fun! I can’t post individual links here, but if you type craftybegonia, the blog will come right up.

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    Thanks for writing! Your blog is always an inspiration to me – and you have great color sense (something I don’t!). Also, thanks for sharing your designs with all of us. It’s so nice to have a ‘go-to’ site where one is sure to find a great, quick project.

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