I ran across these when I was looking for a site to see what kind of crocheted scarves are available in India:

cro india scarves

I especially like the one that is third from the right.  (I believe the two in the center – orange and turquoise – are the same pattern.)  Don’t need a pattern to create it, but I’d want it in different colors.  These remind me very much of the woven scarves I have from India.  In the north of India, Assam and Kashmir, such items are a necessity for everyone.  I have 5 different scarves that have been gifted to me.  They are all extremely finely woven, feeling like butter on your fingers.  They are made of the finest Cashmere and Pashmina wools and are quite thin, but warm.  I have two that are embroidered with flowers.  One of those also has beads on it, making it lovely but not so practical.

Maybe I’ll crochet myself a ‘pashmina’ with some fine Cashmere wool I have on hand.

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