Scrapghan Giveaway Winners!!


The Scrapghan Giveaway Contest entries made it difficult for me to pick a winner.  First, I had to visit all the links – and such eye candy they were!  It was very difficult to choose the one that will become my next scrapghan.  In fact, I like the winning design so much that I may make the babyghan I have ordered yarn for – that won’t be a scrapghan at all.  Drum roll please……………………

The Scrapghan Winner is this entry:

Norma E

“Ok, I like the pattern on the Project Linus website for the Cluster Stitch Afghan. I’ve made it before and it works up quickly and is beautiful. It’s also very versatile because you can make it several different ways.

I can’t believe that I never noticed this afghan pattern before when I’ve visited the Project Linus site before.  So, Norma gets to choose between the two books I offered as prizes.  Here are the choices:

The second place winner chose a pattern that was very popular, having been the entry of 4 or 5 different people.  But, the first person who posted it for her entry was

Darski with:

I love this look for scraps and Beth is great at teaching

Darski will receive the book which Norma does not choose as her prize.

I really want to thank all who entered this contest.  My ‘rules’ (limited single crochets, not a bunch of motifs to join) limited the options for scrappy afghan patterns quite a bit – and almost everyone who entered took care to avoid those kinds of patterns.  For all of us, there is the prize of clicking on all the links to see all the pattern choices, digging through stashes to find those odd skeins, and creating a colorful masterpiece that no one will every think was created from ‘scraps’.  That’s the creative element of crochet that is so attractive to us all!

Norma and Darski:  Please email me with your snail mail particulars as soon as possible!


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