Seamless Crochet

Kristin Omdahl fans will be pleased to know that she has just released a new crochet book, Seamless Crochet, described as “techniques and motifs for join-as-you-go-designs.”

I can’t think of anyone who has told me that they’re in love with the idea of joining 100 squares to make a baby blanket or even a dozen to make a shawl.  It’s something we all do from time to time because we like the look of a certain project or someone begs us for such a project.  My friend Dj and I decided years ago that we would never start any crochet project which began with instructions reading something like “make __ of these” especially if the number was double digits.  All those projects composed of piles of tiny granny squares or hexagons will not find there way into my WIP’s.  Not happening.

At least, not until now.  Omdahl has developed some join as you go techniques that require the kind of analytical skills which I definitely lack.  Envisioning the completed project and how the smaller components can be joined at various angles to simplify the process is foreign territory to me.

Some of the beautiful designs in this book are variations of ‘standards’ and others are newer and unique.  The stunning cover design, a shawl composed of 144 ‘Blissful Flower’ squares (and triangles), looks like a lot of shawls we’ve seen composed of numerous motifs.  The trick here is how Omdahl joins those motifs.  That, of course, is the theme of the book.  Other designs are unique.  The Ninja Star shawl is lovely.  The Star Moebius is stunning.  The Jamie and Shark Hunter caps will be coveted by the guys around you.  The Buttercup Baby Blanket will make you the envy of any baby shower – and will assure that you’ll be reproducing it for years to come!

And, if the great pictures and schematics in the book aren’t enough for you to master Omdahl’s techniques, there’s an instructional DVD included with the book!  With this book, modular designs are no longer the boring side of crochet.  Fewer ends to weave in, more secure joins, and finer (and far fewer) seams make this book a great resource for any crocheter – beginner or advanced.

Want to win this book?  Stay tuned!

Book Specs:

Interweave Books, November, 2011

152 pages, softback with DVD

ISBN 9781596682979

$24.95 USD




  1. Karissa says

    My mother loves to crochet and her birthday is coming up pretty soon, I would love to give that as a gift to her because she does so much for me just by loving and caring <3.

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