SEEKING INPUT – or – tell me what you know, please!

I’m seeking information about this program from those crocheters who have used it:

What I’d be most likely to use the program for would be sweaters.  Here’s the layout they use:

Since I’m mathematically challenged, I believe this program might be of benefit to me.  I can’t download the demo on the computer I’m writing on (as there is a very expensive proprietary art program on it that my son must use for his work) so I’m seeking input from my readers.

If you’ve used the demo successfully (or, unsuccessfully, I guess) or have purchased the program and use it, I’d love to hear from you.  I’m thinking positively about the whole thing, but would like more info from all of you!


  1. Chocolateknits says

    I LOVE this program. I purchased it a couple of years ago for knitting, but use it for crochet too. It is fantastic for adjusting size & fit. You must make a gauge swatch so you can input the correct figures & get the proper finished size. It is very easy to use — I often make my own patterns from pictures in magazines. There are so many design options to create the perfect pattern.


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