Shrug Or Cap Sleeve Cardigan, This Is My Next Project For Me!

I like so many of the designs at Wolf Crochet.  It’s fortunate for us when a designer of this quality offers her patterns to us for free!  This shrug (which I would call a cap sleeve afghan) is one of the latest designs on the Wolf Crochet blog.  You can get the pattern for this Palm Beach Shrug here.  It can be made with or without the shawl collar.  For me, it will be without.  Or, for winter, maybe with.

My dilemma right now is to determine just the right yarn to use for the shrug.  I want to use something already in my stash  – and that gives me lots of choices, I can tell you!  White would not work very well in my wardrobe, although it’s certainly a practical choice.  I’m leaning toward a pink or a gray.  What do you think?





  1. says

    If you omit the add-on shawl collar, you should be able to simply seam up the front to create a pullover. You might want to contact the designer through her blog and ask for her advice. She’s very helpful. Let us know how your top turns out, please!

  2. Gail Gerrond says

    Are the two hook sizes K, L or M? It looks like a type but I don’t know which two to use.


  3. says

    From reviewing the pattern on Ravelry and Carol’s original PDF, I see the source of your confusion. I have not made the shrug yet, unfortunately. I suggest you contact the designer, Carol Wolf, through her blog. She’s very helpful and accommodating.

  4. Gail Gerrond says

    I made the shrug using my best guess. It turned out to be a shapeless mess. I will contact Carol Wolf and suggest she give the pattern, as is, to someone else and have them make the garment. That way the bugs can be worked out before the pattern is passed on the the public.

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