Everyone has seen these advertised on TV.  Has anyone but me LONG AGO taken one’s long, fluffy robe and PUT IT ON BACKWARDS?  In my last house, my little lair was so cold that I’d routinely do this.  Why didn’t I think to take a crocheted robe pattern and turn it around?  Would I have made the million bucks before QVC or whomever?  Well, at least, we can get a free pattern for the Snuggie (as they so cleverly have named MY invention):

Coats and Clarks Snuggie

Coats and Clarks Snuggie

Or, maybe you’d prefer the Bernat version:

Or, you could just buy the ‘original’ from QVC or wherever and embellish it with a pretty crocheted edging to make it your own.  In any event, I guess it’ll keep you warm.


  1. says


    Since the first time I saw that commercial, I have been screaming about how it was just a backwards robe!

    I don’t get why everyone is all aglow about them at all.

    Love this blog by the way! Just discovered it today & feel like Santa came early for me. :)

  2. Melinda says

    My nephew just asked me for a snuggie with a hood. I immediately thought of a baby bag. I found a knitted one, but I can’t find a crochet one. I have to make this for a ten yr old, so small adult baby snuggle up.

  3. says

    Do you or anyone know any patterns where you just crochet in the back loop and never turn pice over? Or what the name of it is
    I love your snuggle making it for xmas gift and get some done to give to the homeless
    Thank you

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