So Easy, So Cool Way To Warm Your Ears

This is about the easiest design I’ve ever seen – and so incredibly innovative!  I am a dedicated walker.  I walk outside in all kinds of weather (except ice) and detest hats.  This headband is the absolute perfect design for me!  I’m thinking there are plenty of other crocheters (and walkers) out there who can use it too.  That one little twist pretty much guarantees that the headband (earwarmer) will fit any head – no elastic needed.  So, I my ears can remain toasty warm while the rest of my head is unencumbered.

Moebius Headband

In addition to this and a few other free crochet patterns, designer Pamela Dempsey has some fantastic patterns available to purchase.  She has a grouping of four hats for men that is pretty cool – and will please men of all ages, from the teens to their grandpas.  Take some time to check out all the goodies on her blog where you can find the free pattern for this Moebius Headband, then look at her designs on


  1. linda says

    this is very cute and looks easy to do…would like to have the pattern to make for my grandaughter…thanks…


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