Some Kinda Crazy

It’s some kinda crazy when I find a book on the shelf of my local library, go online, and find that I can buy it – for $199.00!!

When I got this book off the library shelf, I thought to myself that it would be a nice book to review for my blog.  I like to review older books as well as the newest ones off the press.  This one is vintage, from 1991, when it sold for considerably less (no price is printed anywhere on the book).  It’s a hard back book with simple schematics and lots and lots of photos in black and white.

I’m am going to return this book to the library, where it will probably be stolen (as was Hard Crochet and most of the other ‘vintage’ hard back crochet books in their collection).  Those who steal crochet (and other craft) books from a place where we can all share them for free are especially pathetic folks.  Really!  We can all share and play nicely together.

Now, off my soapbox.  If you’re a lover of crochet lace, this book is perfect.  The lace patterns are pictured and described in the first part of the book. Then, the shawl designs begin.  From preliminary planning (rectangle, circle, hooded, etc) through yarn requirements then onto the actual patterns, you’ll be guided to combine those stitches to create beautiful crocheted shawls. Detailed photos and schematics show you how to successfully create just the right shawl for you.

This book is a gem!  I hope that more forgotten copies of it will be pulled off the dusty shelves of private homes and offered on ebay or wherever so that those who wish to can afford their own copies.  Dig around.  You just might find this one in your own house!

Book Specs:

Crochet Lace by Mary Konior

First published in UK by Blandford Publishing and distributed in the US by Sterling Publishing Company, 1991

128 pages, hard back, black and white photos only

ISBN:  0713722126


  1. sabrina says

    About two years ago on Ravelry, there was a thread about the book and a small press was trying to get the rights to the book to do an update and reprinting, however the original publisher responded saying that the rights were unavailable for the foreseeable future. Apparently the family discussed things after the author’s passing in 2010, and does not want the book reprinted.

    It’s sad, really, as this resource is unique and terribly difficult to get. I got very fortunate when I found my copy, and got it for a quarter of the price you found it listed at.

  2. pjbretired says

    I have to agree with your soapbox about people who steal books from the library. However, even more disturbing are those who simply rip out the pages they want and then return the book. The librarians never seem to notice, and if you bring it to their attention, they simply remove the book from circulation and presumably destroy it – not the best solution in my opinion. Our library copy of the Mary Konior Crochet Lace book was intact when I checked it out, fortunately.

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