Spring Cleaning?

Spring is a time of renewal and a fresh start which is one of the reasons so many people participate in the annual ritual of Spring Cleaning.  Well, that’s all fine and well, but I have a new spin on Spring Cleaning!  Here are some fresh ideas for your personal Spring Cleaning.

Cute and very simple to crochet from this simple free pattern are these cute and eco-friendly face scrubbers.

Use this nubby scrubber to reach places you can reach in the shower (alone 😉

After you’ve scrubbed and buffed yourself to a rosy glow, it’s time to pamper yourself with a wonderful pedicure!  Make these socks ahead of time so you won’t muss your freshly painted toe nails.  Get the free pattern here .

Pecicure Socks

Once you’ve painted those tootsies, it’s time for you to grab a nice cuppa something and flop yourself down with your hook and yarn.  Did you think I meant that ‘other’ kind of Spring Cleaning?  No way!  You’re worth it.  Leave the housecleaning for another day.




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