Stacked Shells Doll Blanket (or square, or large afghan, or shawl, or ……….)

Here’s a free pattern for you. I’ve made a doll blanket with it because I needed a quick gift for a neighbor’s grandchild. As far as I know, this is my original pattern – so please use it for your own purposes but do not post it anywhere or sell it to anyone. That’s not kosher.

I turned the edge of the blanket inward in hopes that you could see the edging, but can’t get a good image of it.  It’s a simple but effective ‘ruffle’ that I enjoy adding to a lot of items, especially baby blankets.

Disclaimer: I invented this stitch pattern myself. As far as I’m aware, it’s new. However, if anyone has seen it anywhere else, please let me know so I can credit the designer.

Note: Pattern has not been tested by anyone else. If you find an error, please email me!


I hook

A few ounces of sport weight thread (I think this is Jamie)

Pattern works on a multiple of 6 + 3.

Large Shell = 5 DC in a single stitch

Small shell = 3 DC in single stitch

Gauge is not particularly important. My doll blanket is 11X12 inches, approximately.

1. Chain 39 and 5 DC in 6th chain from hook, sk next 2 ch, 5 DC in next ch across to create 8 large shells.

2. Ch 3, turn, sk 2 ch and 2 dc, *small shell in next DC, sk next DC, DC in next 2 DC, sk next DC*, repeat from * to * across to ch 1, DC in 2nd ch of turning ch = 8 small shells.

3. Ch 3, turn, sk 2 ch and 1 DC, *large shell in next DC, sk next 4 DC, large shell in next DC*, repeat from * to * across to DC into 2nd ch of turning chain.

4. Repeat alternating rows 3 and 4 to desired length. Do not break yarn.

Ch 1 and SC around the edges, with 63 SC for long sides and 35 SC for short sides.

*Chain 4, sk 2 SC, SC in next SC* around joining with slip stitch into first SC

Working in front of previous row, *ch 5, SC into first SC inside loop of previous row* Continue around and join with sl st into base of first ch 5. Break off yarn, weave in ends.

Note: To use this stitch pattern to make squares, omit the edging.


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    Finally you write your own design this year. Love to hear it… I like the colour you have chosen… And your design is great… I wait for your next projects :)


  2. says

    OMG!! All those numbers and letters confuse me so much. I tried figuring out crochet language a while back and gave up but this blanket makes me want to try again. I want a life sized one though. It looks so elegant.

    P.S. I have a giveaway going on. Come over and check it out.

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    My mom is a painter also! Too funny. Your mom’s work is beautiful. My walls are covered with my mom’s canvasses.
    Thanks for the link!


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