recycled aran sweater for yarn storage at craftycrafty

I saw this today and thought it was a really nifty way to recycle an old sweater.

This got me to thinking about other creative ways to store our FO’s and our yarn stash. I suspect that good shelving is the only way to properly and efficiently store our books and magazines. We all know what those look like – unless of course, we can afford a house make-over using California Closets or a similar style organization system. That would NOT be me!

So, here are some other creative ideas or just useful ideas I ran across:

yarn storage at craftser, nifty yarn storage idea

yarn storage in jars at knittymcpurlypants

Here are a few other ideas that I use in my own stash storage:

*those three tiered wire baskets hanging from nails on my basement rafters

*clear plastic bags filled with goodies, tied in a knot over the neck of a heavy wooden hanger, and, again, hanging from my basement rafters

*clear plastic blanket bags. I bought a lot of 25 of them on ebay for very little money. These are great for keeping WIP’s together.

*clear plastic or canvas shoe bags hanging in closets and in the basement

*the omnipresent ‘Rubbermaid’ boxes with tightly fitted lids. I strongly prefer clear or opaque ones rather than the heavier colored ones that usually cost less. I like to see what’s in there.

*shoe boxes – clear or cardboard

*baskets – wicker, laundry

*cardboard boxes stacked so the open ‘top’ faces outward. I duct tape them together in the back and use cinder blocks to keep them in place and a few inches off the basement floor. These would probably look more attractive if I painted them or covered them with some sort of paper. Too lazy!
*totes – who does NOT have tote bags full of yarn or WIP’s.

Hope this gives you some ideas for storing your stash. We all NEED more room for our wonderful yarn purchases. Remember, if you clear out a space in your stash, you are morally obligated to go yarn shopping!


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