Rug from Recycled Bed Sheets



If  you’ve been reading my blog very long, you know I love the idea of upcycling.  Kristen has taken some humble sheets from the thrift store and used them to make a really great rug.  I could see this rug used in all kinds of rooms, in a wide variety of colors.  This technique would also work for chair pads, place mats, and mug rugs.  So dig out some of your old sheets or go buy a few at your closest thrift store and follow Kristen’s tutorial to make your own fabric strip crochet project.

This is what my family room looks like most days.  So does Kristen’s!

This is just what ‘creativity’ looks like most days, right?

If, in addition to crochet, you are also interested in general crafts and/or home decor, poke around the rest of Kristen’s blog.  There are a lot of great ideas there!





  1. GJ Amber says

    I love the look of this. It reminds me of my childhood (way, way back). I would mention something I make rugs and baskets from-fleece strips. They come out soft and thick. I hate wasting all the edges from fleece fabric so I have come up with several uses.

  2. pinokeeo says

    Cool colors. I’ve been making these rugs for nearly fifty years. I also use old sheets because you get a lot of fabric from them.

    Well done.

  3. says

    I actually just posted a blog about rag rugs on my blog, www. ! I’ve made 3 rugs so far, and I’ve used estate sale sheets for all of them. I love the patterns of old sheets!

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