Strips OR Squares – What Motif Suits You?

MAMWould you carry a sign that said ‘Strips for Yarn’? Not!!

MAM (above)
Those MAM (mile a minute) translate to Mile a Millenium for me! I just can’t get into them. I like the look and always fool myself into thinking that I’ll have a portable project if I just crochet one strip at a time – and I’m just not good at counting. LOL! Invariably, I frog the whole thing by the time I have 2 or 3 strips done. You have to count for those things!  But, I am intrigued by the different uses of strips and squares in crochet.


Lion Brand Free Crochet Motif (above)

Squares are a different matter entirely. I see SO many beautiful projects I think I would like to make. I even enjoy making the squares. But then, you gotta join ’em! That’s not so much fun – and all those ends to weave in! What’s with that? I usually have to devote an entire evening to simply weaving in those ends. If I want something really mindless, well, that would qualify. Nice thing about squares, tho’, is that it’s fairly easy to adjust the size of a garment (or afghan) simply by making more squares or making them with a larger hook or yarn. That does solve the design problem for a lot of plus size (zoftig) crocheters whose pattern needs remain largely unmet by pattern designers and publishers. It’s always good to run across a pattern actually designed for someone larger than a size 9! While I’m no longer in the plus size range – I am sympathetic to the problems therein. Besides, about 60% of American Women fall into the size range about size 16. That’s a huge, mostly overlooked market for designers! It’s also nice to be able to use the very adaptable granny square to make an entire afghan as a single square or rectangle. My friend, Lori, ONLY crochets double crochets and ONLY makes granny square afghans composed of a single square. But, it works for her! And, her afghans are beautiful.


Granny Square Belt (above)
Other motifs are variations on the theme of strips and squares – hexagons, circles, star shapes, etc. You still have to join those little buggers. And, deliver me from ANY pattern that begins with wording something like ‘Make 180’ of the motif. Ain’t happening! My hat is off to those among us who can persevere with such a project. I’ll stick to 12 inch squares and larger panels of which I need not make more than I can carry around in a grocery sack.


  1. krisr says

    That was hysterical, I wasn’t sure what to expect! Yes I would wear a sign but I don’t like MAM projects either and I’m totally burned out on motifs right now…time for a new project tho :) Nice work on the blogging by the way!

  2. says

    I’ve never tried a MAM and even though granny squares are really nice, I don’t have the patience to make anything big out of them. That belt is gorgeous though! :-)

  3. says

    hi zuleika,
    i’m curious about your reluctance to make things with granny squares. what is your preferred way to make things? i bet you like making one piece afghans, belts, etc. me too! so much easier if you don’t have to sew or crochet things together and weave in an extra hundred tails!

    KRISR –
    thanks for your kind words. i hoped to get your attention with the ‘headline’!

  4. Ellen says

    Regarding granny squares, I have been crocheting them with size 30 thread and a size 7 steel hook! I use any old granny square, or interesting motif and see how it looks comes out. They are sooo small! I plan to stiffen them and make them into earrings!

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