Super Simple Scarf and Cowl

If you have yarn and can made a double crochet, this is the simplest scarf/cowl you can possibly make.  It’s got a lot of impact for such a simple project.  The yarn really does all the work for you!  As usual, Sara has turned out a wonderful free pattern for us.  This is both a great project for a beginner, using a skein of a favorite yarn, or for a more experienced crocheter who needs to use up scraps and partial skeins – a stash buster.

Half double crochets are my favorites as you’ll seldom find me making a project with very many single crochets in it.  But, a double crochet project seems to really finish up quickly.  I bet you’ll enjoy making this one.  As usual, color choices will make all the difference.  And, since the scarf pattern is no-frills, it would work fine for a guy.  School colors, team colors, camouflage yarn – find out what will work best for him and crochet it up lickety split!

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