Tag Your Crochet

cro tags 0314

Look how charming these tags are!  Kym a tCobberson and Company has created the tags and offers a way for us to print them off free!  I’ve written about tags before, but this is the first free printed crochet tag with a simple, sweet graphic that I’ve seen.

cro care tag 0314

A huge plus here is that Kim has even created a way that we can add our own ‘care instructions’ to the tag.  That’s a really helpful option.  I can think of a lot of ways to use Kym’s tags.  I like the way she has photographed them as wrapper labels.  They could also be used to create a business card shape or a greeting card size.  Printed on brown kraft paper as shown adds to the handmade feel, but a more sophisticated look can be created by choosing different paper.

Any way you use these labels, you’ll be glad to have a batch of them on hand.  They’re readily available to print on demand with the Pdf that Kym offers.  Thanks, Kym!


  1. sylvia brown says

    All week ive been calling business for labels and tags the prices are CRAZY I NEED HELP NEED THEM FOR FABRIC CAN YOU HELP

  2. says

    Rem’ber when Fabric/Yarn shops used to carry personalized fabric embroidered labels? I rem’ber having some. Used them all up too. I was never back to a fabric store to get some. I am sure that it’s now an OnLine order. Thank YOU

  3. Bria a says

    Look on ETSY there are a number of places that do labels and are very reasonable in price. I’ve made some they just aren’t real professional looking using Iron on transfers on Ribbon. It works just not my favorite. Good luck

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