These pretty bags are crocheted with something described as ‘wool’ or ‘cotton’ ribbon.  Aren’t they pretty?  The site the bags and pattern appear on is translated so there are a few language difficulties, but I believe that the ‘ribbon’ is made from strips of tee shirt or a fine wool knit, cut into strips.

Since you know how I love the idea of combining crochet with recycling or repurposing, these bags are very attractive to me.  The designer’s work is clearly top notch, with consistent stitches and attention to detail.  I especially like the addition of the decorative pieces.  Really adds a nice touch.

Selection of handles is important with this kind of purse.  Some handles really look pretty but are awkward or even painful to use (see beaded handles!).  I try to scour my local thrift stores for old purses that have wonderful handles.  So, for a few bucks, I can scavenge great handles for my latest crochet creation.  I’m into shoulder bags, so finding a nice length of leather strap with some good reuseable hardware is perfect for me.  That would work with these purses too.  Gives me ideas……..


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    Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to think about this. I made a T-shirt quilt and have lots of extra T-shirt pieces left over. I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing them away, so I’ve been looking for something to make with them. Maybe this is the answer!

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