TKACM is an acronym for Teen Knit and Crochet Magazine.  An enterprising group of talented teens who knit and crochet – as well as have well honed computer and writing skills – has launched a fun site aimed at encouraging other teens to knit and crochet.  This is one of those rare combo sites where crochet actually gets some respect.

A Dora Ohrenstein pattern ‘Morning Dew Scarf’ featured in TKACM.

You might want to check out the site and the three issues they have published – all free online.  And, if you like them, mention them to a teen you know who might be inspired by the spirited nature of the site.  Here’s the link:



  1. […] We, the teens at TKACM (Teen Knitter and Crochet Magazine) would like to thank for their kind article about us! The article is located here. […]

    YOU’RE WELCOME! It’s very exciting to read of a group of teens who are creating with fiber. I also love the homeschool connection (as a former homeschooing mom and an educational consultant). Keep up the good work. I hope you get a lot more attention.

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