When Summer heat arrives, I find it difficult to crochet things like full size afghans and sweaters.  I can’t stand the project covering my lap or legs even in the AC.  So, I usually switch to smaller projects, including baby sweaters, caps, and doilies.  Summer is doily time for me.

To that end, I’ve rounded up some newer (at least to me) doily patterns I’ve found on the net.  These make great gifts, even for those who might not ordinarily use doilies.  Doilies don’t need to just adorn your tables.  There are plenty of other uses for them.  Basket liners, use in gift bags instead of tissue paper, adorn the tops of packages, frame and hang (refer to an earlier post of mine help in inexpensive framing option.). And, if you DO use doilies in your decor but find you have too many of them, start laying them on the backs of chairs and sofas, use under standing picture frames, or layer them for added interest.  I have layered as many as three or four of them at times.  You can also layer them over fabric – not just over other doilies.  Some doilies and coasters will also be pretty appliques to a sweater or jacket.

Here are some freebie patterns for you: (this is a large PDF which I don’t want to post.)

Oh, about that Halloween doily up top.  Omit the ghost and make it in any color(s).  It will be a beauty!


  1. Cathy Champion says

    When I work on large projects – like afghans – I lay the item on a small portable typing table so it’s not sitting in my lap! Makes it easier to get up for something as I don’t have to move the item, and then shoosh my cats off it when I’m back!

  2. says

    I’m with you – I can’t work with yarn in summer very well. This is the time of year when I love to create my thread flower designs, inspired by all the blooming beauty out there.

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