Tooting My Horn!

Look what this blog received!

Kathrn of Crochet Concupiscence Blog awarded me the Best Crochet News Blog of 2011.  She has some really nice things to say about me and this blog.  I am so honored!

You can see Award Review here .  I learned years ago to do a little horn-tooting of my own.  One of my favorite physicians, one of many I knew long ago in my many years of working in the Medical Records Departments of two local hospitals, was Dr. Guy Magness.  He told me, “He who tooteth not his own horn hath not his horn tootethed.”  I love that expression and always think of Dr. Magness.  It’s especially nice to have someone else toot my horn for me!  Thanks, Kathryn.


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    Kathrine is always a good source for Crochet news. I participated in her Hooked Up blog hop earlier this year and really enjoyed meeting other crochet bloggers.

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