Try This Crochet Tip

cro strawberry lace 0614If you have never tried a project that does not begin with a foundation chain, this one would be a good place to start.  It’s such a pretty strawberry motif and could easily be adapted to an afghan of any size (see the chart along with the pattern) or a very pretty shawl/scarf/wrap.

You can get the tips and free pattern here.  I believe the sample is worked in a boucle (similar to Lion Brand Homespun which seems to be a yarn that is either beloved or hated – no middle ground.  I love it!)  But, I’m not sure I’d recommend a boucle for your first attempt at any new stitch or technique.  I’d stick with whatever your favorite worsted weight yarn is, preferably an acrylic for easy frogging, since you will be familiar with the yarn and how it behaves as well as having no issues with splitting or trying to figure out where to insert your hook for the next stitch.

Foundationless crochet patterns can be wonderful!  With a little practice, you can master the technique that will allow you to overcome problems with a foundation row that is either too loose or too tight – both common complaints.


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