No picture to show you of the scarf, but there’s a good video that’s free for the looking here AND you’re gonna love it!  There are a number of other free DIY crochet projects on this site.  Any of them would make a good gift or, even better, something for yourself.  So, have a look.  Scroll down through the projects to find the Twirled Edge Scarf.  It’s a great beginner project as it’s all made with only the foundation chain and single crochets.  The yarn does all the work and the results are splendid!

The bright flowers pictured above are just one of the freebies.  The site is from the DIY Network – which my poor, little TV doesn’t get.  Maybe someday we’ll pop for all the ‘fun’ channels.  In the meantime, I’m grateful there’s so many goodies online.

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