Understanding ‘Difficult’ Patterns

Sooooo, I was determined to master Entrelac Crochet. I was on a mission. How hard could it be? Well, for me it was really hard. Rats! When I make up my mind …. well, just look where I’m headed and get out of my way.

About this time, my buddy dj and I were in a motel room in Jefferson City, MO, taking a break from the wonderful Fiber Festival we were attending. I told dj about my difficulty. She said something like, ok, dearie, show me the pattern and I’ll read it to you.

So, out came the pattern, my hook and yarn. She took the pattern and read it to me all the way through the first time. HUH? Then, she read it to me one little step at a time. One little tiny step at a time.

I crocheted exactly what she read. IT WORKED. We figured out how to do Entrelac! Before that evening, dj hadn’t mastered Entrelac either. Now, there was a twofer. We both got it.

Moral – when in difficulty, grab a friend and have him/her read the pattern to you, one little bitty stitch at a time.

P.S. It helps if the reader understands the language of crochet!entralac sample from stashaholic.typepad.com

BTW – the Fiber Festival is upon us again March 9-11. Dj and I will be there together again this year!

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