Color 104 Fields of Daisy

As I was about to depart my LYS empty handed (almost a miracle!!), I spied this new yarn atop one of the yarn baskets. I touched it – and the rest is history. It’s incredibly soft and comes in dreamy colors, perfectly suited to warm a baby.  Right then, the yarn shop owner, knowing my propensity for making babyghans, remarked that this yarn would work up nicely in my favored diagonal crazy stitch pattern.  ‘Nuff said.  Two skeins popped off the shelf and into my bag.  One quick swipe of a debit card later, I was on my way home with enough yarn to work up one of my favorite babyghans.

I’ve probably crocheted this particular pattern about 30 times.  It’s my ‘go to’ pattern for babyghans, but also works up quickly into a triangle bandana type scarf.  My pick yarn for this pattern is a variegated.  The pattern just works very nicely with a worsted weight yarn and an H hook without any color puddles.  The variegated yarn shows off to its best advantage with this simple pattern.  It’s so easy because two skeins makes an entire afghan.  Increase with the first skein.  When you’re almost done with the first skein, begin the decreases that complete the square.  No edging is needed, although it’s easy enough to add one.  I’ve worked quite a few of them in white or off white yarn, waiting til I learn the sex of the new baby before finishing with an edging in a color suited to the baby or the mom’s chosen decor for baby’s room.

Here’s my babyghan.  How do you think it turned out?  I just love it!

But, this yarn is yummily spectacular for the diagonal crazy stitch.  The hand of the yarn is luscious, soft and snuggly with long color segments that blend softly into the next color.  It’s 100% acrylic so there are no care ‘issues’.  There is a nice selection of colors to suit the taste of all the new moms.  Next, I’m going to make a baby sweater and cap with this yarn.  That should also take about two skeins.  At about $6/skein, a finished baby gift for $12 is a remarkable value.

Here’s a bit of detail so you can more clearly see the stitch pattern:

I purchased my yarn at Hearthstone Knits, but it’s readily available online too.

NOTE:  THE YARN IS CALLED ‘PATCHWORK’ MADE BY UNIVERSAL YARN COMPANY.  The pattern for the afghan is a diagonal crazy stitch, details of which can be found here .


  1. Elizabeth says

    Love the babyghan pattern! Where could I find this pattern, as I have many babies to make ‘ghans for?

  2. Cheyenne says

    I also love the colors and the pattern of the afghan is there a link that you can share or a stitch name or book for the stitch that you used I love that it that you can add a border or not if you want

  3. Karen says

    My daughter is having a baby in January and I would love to make this one. Can I please have the pattern and the name of the yarn?

    Thanks, Karen

  4. says

    I’ve updated the information on the blog article about the yarn – Patchwork by Universal Yarn Company. The pattern is available at crochetcabana.com. Search there for Diagonal Box Stitch.

  5. says

    HaHa. Some of my knitted gifts are just fiseihnd & on route to friends. You know you just have to wait for that perfect yarn.And of course the best reason was I became a Grandmother so that really through a loop into the knitting scheme of things.You know you just can’t stay away from baby. Well that’s my excuse that I used for this year. Have to think of a new one for next Christmas.

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