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Last Friday, I announced the winner of the first Blogtest contest.  In the rules, it states that the winner must contact me within 48 with snail mail information so that I can send the prize – OR the item will be offered later.

I have not heard from Angie.  Since this is the first Blogtest I’m having, and I’m pretty much a stickler for rules I’ve set up myself, I’m tempted to hold onto this book to use as a future prize.  However, I’d like Angie to receive her prize and I may not have made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that the winner has 48 hours (or two days in my world since I might not actually receive an email mailed within those 48 hours)

If you recognize yourself, please contact me (I have emailed Angie privately).  Here was Angie’s entry:

Angie on January 18, 2010 9:28 am Edit This

I love this one: http://makeitandloveit.blogspot.com/

This was the winning entry – drawn completely at random from the over 200 entries!  Way to go, Angie!


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