VogueKnitting Crochet Magazine 2012 Collector’s Issue

Have you seen this magazine at your favorite book or craft retailer?  If you have, you must know that it’s a bargain at $6.99!  This issue is full of beautiful crochet designs, the quality of which we have come to expect from Vogue.  However, while there are some haute couture patterns in the mag, there are plenty of other more ‘mainstream’ designs that will appeal to a wide variety of crocheters.  Even the ads are mainly focused on crochet!  Many crochet magazines are full of ads that are truly aimed at knitters rather than crocheters – one of my pet peeves.

In this magazine, you’ll find patterns as well as articles featuring other crochet related topics.  Two really good ones are ‘Fine Finishing for Crocheted Sweaters’ and ‘Decoding Crochet Symbols’.  Patterns include cardigans, shawls, jewelry, button covers, caps, bags, and some other creatively inspired wearables.  You’ll find lots of goodies in this issue, especially lots of inspiration!

While other crochet magazines of lesser quality (and some which are merely compilations of previously printed patterns) cost far more than this magazine.  I find it to be a fantastic value – and a must-have for the crochet library.


  1. EVD says

    I agree! I snatched this up as soon as I saw it on the newsstand. I also was glad to see most of the ads aimed at crocheters instead of knitters (although I knit too).

    Lots of great patterns, many of which I would actually wear (unlike another high-end crochet mag which shall remain nameless)!

  2. Debra says

    I purchased mine @ Barnes and Noble, but I saw it at WalMart yesterday. I was shocked to see it there. But, yes, it is a wonderful issue. I will be substituting yarns because of the cost, but definately check it out.

  3. Marie says

    This special issue is being issued in the UK under a different name and with a different cover. I believe the patterns and articles are pretty much the same. If your LYS carries “Designer Knitting” magazine, chances are they might also be getting this in soon. I just ordered a copy online from http://www.newsstand.co.uk for £6.01. Hurry they only have 6 copies left. I couldn’t find it elsewhere for sale online in the UK. It’s probably just now starting to ship. I’m looking forward to getting it soon I hope. You can view the different cover/contents here http://www.designerknittingmag.com/crochet.html

  4. Chris Dabis says

    I bought the magazine and have reviewed it. Most of the patterns garments and not very enticing to me. The patterns are still offered in the antiquated ‘abbreviated English text’ but they did add quite a few International Symbol Crochet diagrams, too. However, of the International Symbol Crochet diagrams, they show them in two colors, black and a very pale blue. The blue is difficult to see and should be darker.

    They did offer a pattern for a crocheted purse pattern (no. 8) but it the pattern is written in the abbreviated English text.

    Personally, I crochet a lot faster and with more accuracy when using an International Symbol Crochet pattern. Patterns for garments do not usually entice me as they require too many fittings, alterations, recalculations, etc.

    I rank VogueKnitting Crochet 2nd to Crochet Today. It is superior to Crochet! and Crochet World (both of which I have ceased subscriptions).

    VOGUEknitting is getting closer to the edge of modern crocheting, but they have quite a ways to go. Most of the outstanding crocheted items come from Turkey, Greece, Russia, Bolivia, and Chili. Their patterns are almost always provided in International Crochet Symbols. Why? They know that ‘symbols’ are not dependent upon the viewers native language. It is truly, “international”.

    You have a good start VOGUEknitting, but it’s not a ‘bell ringer’ yet!

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